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Family Friendly Rates

1 Hour evaluation $85.00 (All mechanics of hitting or position skill of choice evaluated)

1 - (1) Hour visit per month $90.00
2 - (1) Hour visits per month $85.00 per or $170.00 pre-paid per month
3 to 4 (1) Hour visits per month $80.00 per or $255.00 to $320.00 pre paid per month

1 - 1/2 Hour visit per month $60.00
2 - 1/2 Hour visits per month $55.00 per or $110.00 pre-paid per month
3 to 4 1/2 Hour visits per month $50.00 per or $150.00 to $200.00 pre-paid per month

Batting Cages * Bullpens * Instruction * Conditioning * Iron Mike Machines * Comfortable Family Seating * Free WiFi * Television * Concession Area * Onsite Equipment Store * Clean Family Atmosphere
Prospect Days - The only team to offer this unique way to tryout

"Catchers University (CUB Baseball) offers a unique tryout experience unlike any other organization or team. Also known as "CUB Prospect Days", CUB baseball allows at no charge to participants 2 - 3 monthly team prospect practices months before the decision making process. CUB baseball feels that offering a player only one day, possibly only 1.5 hours of time like all other teams to show their true colors and athleticism is absolutely impossible. We allow our multi-aged prospects days and months to work with their team prior to either party making a commitment. If on offering day you decide that CUB baseball is not a correct fit, we wish each other the best of luck and move forward. Doing this the CUB method means everyone wins, the player is sure of his team, the parent experiences our coaching methods and the coaches get an extended amount of time with the player. Catchers University and CUB Baseball sets a new standard in sports." 
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Catcher’s University has recognized that many players enter select, travel baseball or league play without knowledge what this new world and culture requires of them. Because of this, many are rejected and in turn their confidence in themselves and their ability takes a major blow, not to mention the mental anguish the parents endure.
Catcher’s University is offering a first of its kind answer for all incoming Select, Rehabilitating, Cut or League play families to get answers and the tools required for their perspective needs. The CU Developing Farm System offers players of need a professionally coached and managed instructional farm system for all players no matter their choice of organization or team. The CU Developing Farm System will meet every week during the month to develop and educate players and parents in the culture, rules, drills and tools required to succeed. 
You will work as the pros do, utilizing the best of techniques and mechanics taught by high school, college and pro coaches nationwide. You will be assisted in meeting the goals needed to impress your coaches and learn the beauty of the game. You will be addressed as an individual in search of success and you will be respected as a player accepting a challenge. There are no expectations of CUB baseball that you commit to our teams. CU Developing Farm System is a stand alone service provided by Catchers University as a tool for growth and understanding.
Call or Text to reserve your spot on the team! 713.875.6880

PLAYER COST: First month- $200 (includes CUB Farm System practice shirt)
- Paid professional coaching
- 1 field practice per week (4 per month)
- 1 facility practice per week (4 per month)
- Unlimited facility usage
- Guest instructors
- throwing mechanics
- receiving mechanics for infield and outfield
- outfield route running and angles
- hitting mechanics
- hitting approach
- leadoffs and secondary leads
- sliding techniques
- mental aspects of the game including “baseball language”
- drill repetition
- Catchers Drills
- PFP’s